Is It Right For A Christian To Sell A Product He Bought At X Amount At 3x In The Name Of Business?

Is It Right For A Christian To Sell A Product He Bought At X Amount At 3x In The Name Of Business? Is It Right For A Christian To Sell A Product He Bought At X Amount At 3x In The Name Of Business?

Mr. Charles bought 10 high tech laptops for $1000 when he travelled to the US. That means each of the laptops cost him $100. On getting back to Nigeria, he spoke with few people about the laptops and how much he was willing to sell each of them. After bargaining and all, he sold each laptop at the rate of $300. Is it right for Mr. Charles as a believer to sell the laptops at 3 times the price he got them in the name of business?

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  8. I do accept as true with all the ideas you have offered in your post. They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for starters. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  9. In business profit definitely has to be made cause other expenses besides your products has to be taken into consideration but not to the extent of extorting or taking advantage of your customer or client.

  10. I don’t think Mr Charles was wrong selling it at 3x amount. The sole aim of business is profit. So long as he doesn’t lie or paint a wrong picture in the minds of his clients about the cost price. Secondly, excellence or good packaging could also make him sell at 3x and his clients are very comfortable with it. Lastly, logistics is another major factor.

  11. I did not see anything wrong in selling a product 3x of the amount you bought it simply because you cannot sell the product the same amount with which you bought it…You do business to make profit

  12. I even need more haggling skills to sell it at 10X. Simple, the more profit, the more relevant I become to my business or to my boss. Even God gave one servant 5talent, he went and double it to 10talent not 7 or 8 talent and he was commended well with reward of status. As I see my father do, I do. A Christian should be the most profit minded person.

  13. In my opinion it is very right to sell at 3x or even more. Business entails more than just a transaction… there are other factors involved like: time, risk, use of mind etc… a man who becomes a better sales person after attending Harvard has spent money acquiring knowledge…he ought to recieve profit for that… How about other factors like logistics….
    And even if the profit is that much or more after all the deductions…I dont see anything wrong with it provided the buyer sees that its worth his money.

  14. Business centres on profit making,and therefore the ability to negotiate,and market is key to be able to substain business .so it right. MONEY is not a Christian IT IS A SYSTEM LTDI CLASS REFERENCE

  15. Business is business, business is not a Christian. Mr. Charles traveled with money and and must find a way to earn back some of him trip fare and also make some for himself

  16. mr Charles is right to have sold three times the cost price.what will be wrong is when he tell that he is not making gain at all to people. and lie about the cost if they care.once that is what he feels he can sell and make profit,good for him.

  17. In my opinion,business is a venture and must be dealt with accordingly, Mr Charles Isnt wrong because
    1.He is out to make profit
    2.He gave a price that could be bargainable as business is a system and not a Christian
    3.Aside from profit making,he would make a turnover that will enable him buy more laptops to sell,and maybe sell even cheaper this time.
    4.He needs to recover all expenses made from that trip and all.

  18. Of course yes it totally right for him to sell it any amount he decide to sell it, it a business he has to gain, he paid for the fight he use to US, and the hotel and food he ate at US, all that is expected to be in the cost of the product… And if you can’t buy it that amount and you want that particular type of laptop I think you should travel to US and buy it yourself and see if the amount you will end up spending will not be more than the $300 he choose to sell it….. And one more thing I don’t see any sin in it or what a believer has to do with it… Thank you

  19. I don’t think he was wrong in getting a profit on his re-sale of the laptops as long as the quality of the laptops is worth he amount he sold it for.

  20. It’s not bad because business is set on the ground stand of making profit as a whole… Here they is what we called prices and values of something to the buyer so if he or she is OK with the price the product will be sold and the seller will make his profit without any guilt because we are talking about business which is not a Christian but a system. As a Christian going into business the attitude or the language we use in negotiating deals is absolutely different from Christian words but been a Christian we enables you do business diligently.

  21. One of the sole aim of a business is profit making and I know that a believer is also entitle to make profit.
    If a believer buys a product at X amount and sold it at 3X, it shows that the person has a good marketing strategy and understands the act of profit making and I see nothing wrong with that.

    Gabriel Ohanmu.

  22. I believe when we are involved in any activity at all , be it business or charitable engagements , we must imbibe the Christ like life. But when it comes to business transaction which involves making profit (making more than you bought it) , I believe that the amount you make as profit after a product sale is dependent on factors involved in getting the product to the end user (customers) . you can not compare a product from the same source sold at Gana Street in Maitama Abuja with the one sold at wuse market or with the one in mararaba Or a house going for x amount in Banana inland to that of Ikeja etc. So my take is the principle of pricing in business is highly dependent on class , cost of business resident and cost of making such product available. So it is right for a christian to triple his or her profit as long as he or she keeps into consideration the continuity of the business involved

    Dcn HND I.

  23. One of the sole aim of a business is profit making and I know that a believer is also entitle to make profit.
    If a believer buys a product at X amount and sold it at 3X, it shows that the person has a good marketing strategy and understands the act of profit making and I see nothing wrong with that.

    Gabriel Ohanmu.

  24. I think profits should be reasonable in relation to price of a unit of any product. if that means a product would be sold 300% its purchasing price, then that’s good business.

  25. Well from my own point of view, it’s not wrong in anyway.”Business is not a Christian but a system” reference to LDTI lesson.

  26. In my own opinion, it is not wrong. As long as he isn’t lying about the price he got them at, and the laptops are actually worth $300.

  27. I can remember clearly on my last leadership and discipleship training class with my Mentor, he clearly said: A business is an idea for money venture, and that Business is a System! So obviously business is set up for profit making… So therefore, Mr Charles business deal isn’t wrong…

  28. the main reason why we are in business is because we want to make profit, so it is not out of place for mr Charles to sell his item for 3x the price considering he will incur other expenses as well before its can get to the final consumer, for instance, his airfare to and fro US and probably pay extra language or pay duty for bringing in the said laptop so It is not out of place to sell at that price, but on the other hand if the motive for selling at 3x the price is to exploit the innocent customer and the value does not worth the price tag, it is not right it is call exploitations.

  29. Being a Christian does not mean we can not make as much profit as we can from our business. The most important thing is for your product or service to meet the need of your client and he/she being willing to buy at your price without manipulation or lies.
    After all Coca Cola is sold for #1000 @ Transcoprt Hilton.
    Remember there is a complexity that makes the simplicity simple.

  30. Yes it is, as long as the selling price is within the range of the general market selling price. What makes sales meaningful or rather profitable is the ability to get those items at the lowest possible price so there can be much profit after sales. But i think it is wrong if the item being sold is way beyond the general market price.

  31. For me he is very right, because he took the risk to travel to the US and paid a lot of money to get there though the cost price is $100 but the selling price has to include expenses. However, lawyers sign signature for $500 in some instance. I think Mr Charles is justified

  32. Personally, i don’t see anything wrong with selling at even 5x the price as long as I can sell it. It’s all about delivering value.

  33. Yes, it is business and as such there is room for negotiation because that is what he chose to sell it at there is no monopoly.

  34. A business can be seen as a venture established to get once u sell a product at 3x,alot has been factored in which includes all logistics and profits.

  35. To be honest I see nothing wrong with Mr charles putting a higher price on his commodity because to me as far as his been Fair to himself and his client, we do business to earned not to run lost, for God only blesses the work of our ✋ hand, so it’s now depend on his mindset towards what God has placed in his hand.

  36. To be honest I see nothing wrong with Mr charles putting a higher price on his commodity, because to me, as far as his been Fair to himself and his client. we do business to earned not to run lost. For god only blesses the work of our hand, so it depends on his mindset towards what God has placed in his hand.

  37. in my opinion, it’s not wrong but I have seen in the Old Testament where God was angry with the people for selling in false weights and measures. I also believe he was angry at some for making too much profit from sales of grains, making product too high and not affording the poor the opportunity to own anything or even food to eat.

    it’s not right to make excess gain at the detriment of others who can’t afford it…

  38. In my own opinion, it is not wrong, it is business, and as such, it should be for profit making, but at the same time, making your price too high/costly could make one to loose customers. Excessive desire for money is greed, and as believers, being greedy is dangerous.

  39. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in that. Absolutely nothing. Considering the times you are at loss, very much at loss. Infact, times you experience the whole business capital crumbling, what will you have to say? Who is responsible – You?

    Therefore, there is nothing bad with 3X profit, afterall God sowed just a seed to reap billions of Christians today, Abi?

  40. I will like to say that the goods I bought can be sold at any price, I might be a good sales man and convince a costumer to buy my goods at a more expensive price, that is why it is called business. Just like a contract quotation is tied to the convincing power of the contractor.
    The only thing I find wring in this is if the person lies to the costumer that he actually bought it at a high price or telling the person that he can never get it at a cheaper price. If you can keep the lie out, I can sell my goods at any price the costumer is willing to pay. No matter how high

  41. First I would like to say that the cost of each laptop is more than even $100. To get the cost of each item we would add the cost of his flight and divide by the value by 10. Let’s assume US air ticket is $2000 for a round trip, other miscellaneous cost should make it up to $3000. Add the cost of purchasing the laptop he spent about $4,000 in all dividing that by 10 laptops would give us $400 for each.

    More so, selling any product is done based on the perceived value of the product and it’s not scripturally wrong to do so.

  42. I did like to say that being a business person who like to check scriptures on business matters, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. There’s no where in the scripture that tells you what profit is fair enough. The thing the scripture frowned against is charging usury for money loaned out.
    Business is a game of numbers. Every business person wants to make maximum profit while they use the the least cost. If you can charge 100 times of your cost as profit, fine. However, the market place is about people and perceptions. If they think you’re too expensive, they will ignore you and your business will crash. Biblical business ethics is basically godly character and not what you charge or not charge in business. That is entirely up to you.

  43. I believe there’s nothing wrong with his bargain because for what it is, it is a bargain! Its an agreement between both parties. business can only take place after an agreement. that is why people are encouraged to be well informed about the various factors that affect the prices for goods and services before making a bargain.

  44. What profit margin is appropriate…and at which point does it cross the greed line?Is what I really want to know,becos i have read most of the comment but ill like someone to help with this answer….

  45. It’s not wrong..if it cost me x amount to get a commodity and I still sell it for x amount then why did I just got x back in return, thus rendering the purpose of the transaction purposeless, the purpose of business is to make gain for services rendered, I must make gain in order for my transaction to be lucrative therefore I have the right to state how much I wanna sell irrespective of how much I bought it, once it’s in my possession, how much I bought it is irrelevant, i state how much it’ll be sold to make my gain else what’s the point of business

  46. It is not not bad to put a higher price tag on your commodity. Business is business, in business one can add other factors like transportation, expertise and the likes so as to meet up his/her own standards

  47. Businesses are set up for profit making and they are far different from humanitarian or non-profit organisations.
    Nothing is wrong with Mr Charles’ deal because what he did was to negotiate with buyers who estimated that the value they will get from a laptop is worth at least $300.
    Where some business people have problems is when they begin to tell lies. Like Mr Charles telling the buyers that he bought each laptop for $250 in a bid to sell at $300. He doesn’t need to say how much he bought them, he should name his price and allow the buyers to table their own offers. He has the right to make the profit he wants to make as far as no one is robbed or deceived. That is business which is obviously different from a Santa Clause event.

  48. no, nothing is wrong with it. at 300 dallars, the price is fair. we must consider that business is done in various conditions.


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